Managed and performed walkout plant documentation for a major mso


project management consulting group, inc.

Managed the program level creation of two bulk encoding facilities servicing the entire US
Managed and deployed CTBH technology in the NYC Market for a major MSO

standardizing processes, technology and communications as well as traditional program management. 

A sampling of our  

Provided discovery and sotweare development for a major hardware manufacturer

standardizing encoding rates, content and implementation models as well as creating single points of responsibility for issue resolution.

Managed the program level integration of a major telecom provider into the incumbent MSO's operations
deployed CTBH and commercial Ethernet technology throughout the US
Managed the program level deployment of Market Center Headend technology ( MCHE)

provided provisioning, testing and troubleshooting services.  Implemented 1000's of CTBH circuits, migrated services between various equipment vendors and technologies and educated the incumbent team.

provided all provisioning, testing and troubleshooting services as well as interim resources assignments for the local team during transition.

Provided Market research for manufacturers & investors

creating redundant video capture, encoding and delivery for the East coast and Midwest markets

utilizing our extensive industry knowledge and software development background we were able to document the customer's concept then execute on that vision in an time and cost effective manner.

leveraging our contacts within the industry we were able to identify a number of technology trends for our clients helping them to adapt to our ever changing market place.  

provided over 1000 miles of walkout services for new build cost analysis in a rural landscape.

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